Dead and dying

Why do you run
So far and so fast
I reach out
Take your hand
you linger
For a broken moment
Among the dead
and dying grass
Then run too fast
To far away
To see the tender
Of spring green
Pushing toward the sun
Your hand slips
And you vanish somewhere
Behind the garden wall
I am nothing to fear
I cry
Only here to love
Dear friend
Confused I wonder
If you fear your own heart
More than you ever
feared mine


Cursing pandora

The box had lain there
for months
It held everything
Every hate, love, trust and fear
It held it all safely
Some days it called
Others it mocked

Finally I had to open it
And pour everything out
Like wine it poured red
And you were with me
We opened it together
With hope, we began to sort
To pick up the pieces

But the pieces were broken
didn’t fit anymore
And I read every word
Then over again
Yet even between the lines
There was no room for me

I began to doubt
Why were you here
You had grown bored
With your toys
So many times before

I closed the box
cursing pandora
And watched you
wander away