They float free to wreak havoc free to destroy they are tearing her apart you who did this, who reeled her in ripped the badge of loyalty off her chest and rammed it down her throat you pretend it will all go away in the ranting of a lunatic but when she was drowning she threw up a hand, and pulled me under with her I don’t know her secret but she is close to telling all she knows


Inner Sanctum Graffiti

I design houses for a living, and remodels are a part of that. When we do remodels and additions we have to measure and photograph the existing homes. In many of the empty ones, I find remnants of the lives lived in those houses.


“I have been-and always will be-your friend” ~ Spock

The Next Minute...

Stardate 3417.3
I fell in love with him during the episode; “This side of Paradise”, when he himself fell in love.

I was 10.

A 10 year old affections are fickle, but even though I was no longer in love by the next episode, I have always love him. Both Leonard Nimoy, and the character he played, Mr. Spock.

The title to that Episode was from a poem called “Tiare Tahiti” By Rupert Brooke, it seems fitting to share it with you today.

Mamua, when our laughter ends,
And hearts and bodies, brown as white,
Are dust about the doors of friends,
Or scent ablowing down the night,
Then, oh! then, the wise agree,
Comes our immortality.
Mamua, there waits a land
Hard for us to understand.
Out of time, beyond the sun,
All are one in Paradise,
You and Pupure are one,
And Taü, and the…

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Look at the sky

The eastern glow races
like delicate lace afire
across the brilliant morning sky.
Scorched earth of summer forgotten,
Crisp air ruffles just turning leaves
unwilling to lose
their tenuous hold
watercolor spreads
across the fading fire
Washing the canvas blue
Autumn meets its first day
……in style

Drink me in

Can you feel the night
The golden flames touch
Die with me here
For a while

I’ll touch you
And teach you to see
The silken sweat
That covers me

Your heart will pound
Your chest rise
And fall away
And fall you will

Night will fall and spin
And dance sweet love
Fiiled with wine
And lust and song

Dance my love
Around the flames
Touch her as she
Touches me and sing

Fiery daze
Desolation and haze
Sleep my love
And drink me in