A little housekeeping

Just doing a little housekeeping, so if you see things appearing it’s just that i’ve decided what can be published and what should be thrown away.




I could’nt help myself Rachel, Christopher, can I play too?


 …and what of this

this daunting place

where young girls

wear brutal

and ancient beasts

like living jewelry

talons wrapped

round smooth little


are we in heaven

or hell

or some special place

where a dainty girls tastes

run to talons

and lace

any label

there is a longing
that cannot
be escaped, or denied
hide it, while you can
because when it
overwhelms you
like a cool breeze
on a hot day
but welcome
you will need
a quiet place
to somehow deal
with it all
in your heart
until with a deep breath
and a heavy sigh
and maybe a tear
maybe two
you package it
into its box of illusion
and label it
any label
that helps you get through

a twist

judged by ones who know only reticence
no witnesses to call
gagged before a jury of peers
no echo down the hall
once were bonds deeper than dreams
now so much a shell
standing behind the grandiloquent wall
still no story to tell
to live amongst the chosen ones
outside looking in
or become the object of alienation
forgiveness will never win
walk away you altruist
the wind hollow does blow
unravel the noose’s unguarded touch
the sun in sinking low
sleep in the field absolved from hate
wallow in the grass
time to reset a shattered life with a twist
of an hour glass


assumptions presupposed

thought i was, thought it was

i only thought and did not know

words seek to comfort yet voices

from the distant past

in a darkened room leave me

shaking and cold and lost

forsaken in my stupidity

why am i still standing here

lay down the pen or the sword

to simply walk away

none made none broken a promise

undefined by time yet even as i think

time slides back to the point when

i walked away and now i don’t know

i just can’t remember

so i’ll stay and remind myself

that she was never really me

and that the rooms are filled

with voices simply by me unheard

someone else’s treasure

never stolen
a treasure unprotected
a preference rather
to destroy it
dragging it out 
spilling the jewels
into the streets
proclaiming to all 
the pieces nothing
but colored glass
the whole not treasure
but trash
those who once held 
the gems so dear
saw them dropped
and dropped them too
on the dirty path
not worth the space
in empty pockets
to be ground
ruthlessly down under
worn and faded boots
‘cept one lone child
innocent to think
that even colored glass
could be treasured
tiny gentle hands
wiped away
the stain of betrayal
blue topaz sparkled
wrapped in a dirty rag
tucked forgotten in a corner
of a faded old box
someone else’s treasure
once again