upside down

She’d been walking upright

For quite some time.

Gravity worked for her

Kept her grounded, so to speak

No floating away for her

Head on straight, she faced each day

Wearing her completeness

Like a badge of honor

No silly tumbling, bumbling

No head over heels and

upside down would never do

One day she floated

Just around cloud nine

Wondering how while

Held upright

She had managed to fall

but love had its own

Universe of rules

And upside down

Was simply ok

After all


Written for:


Writer’s digest


Longer still

Where are you
I so wonder
And wander

How can light
So strong
Leave us standing
In darkness

Holding here
Year after year
The flame consumes
But never dies

Lingering, lost
It only waits
Take my hand

Turn a blind eye
And open mine
It won’t wait
longer still


pick a fight
frustrated and devastated
patience wearing thin
sexual impetuous
fingers leaving dusty smudges
on my collar bones
as you crush your lips
on mine
fire in your eyes
throw me down
whiskey makes the room spin

unquenchable thirst

in the basin languishes
the pulp and tendrils
of a potent sangria
made with naked giggles
too much wine, not enough fruit
drank from an old chipped cup
poured over breasts
consumed by women adept
at the pleasure of women
loath to uncouple
dusk skewing shadow and light
their disembodied satisfaction
slowly unraveled an
unquenchable thirst
and in the gloaming once more
deeply they drank
written for Poefusion Friday 5

Do no harm

After all this time
It lies there
Hidden still
But awake
And alive
I cannot beat it
Cannot cut it off
Or starve it out
Given only a little hope
It springs to life
And takes control
Like a child
It must be guided
Taught to nourish
Encourged to expand
And in all things
Do no harm