My son

He is joy
Skinned knees
Dirty faced
He smells like
Rich earth
And boy
And jelly beans
His laugh is
Always real
His tears
Lessons we all
Have to learn
But moms hate
To see
He makes everything
He makes me young
And melts my heart
My sweet boy
My son


a few minutes

just a few minutes
of your time
a quick hello
just an hour
under the morning sun
lying in the new grass
we don’t have
to talk
or we can
you could
just squeeze my hand
and let go
maybe you would
hold my hand
just a couple of
to catch up
while you hold me
nothing more
maybe a kiss
fleeting and sweet
or maybe
a lot more
maybe the distance
will collapse
time will resolve
you will look at me
they way
i look at you
but hide it