the news

We paced, waiting

Tension high, fear higher

The accident had burned her

Mom was hurt

So many miles away

We waited

Would she lose it?

Her arm?

Would we lose her?

When would we know?

How many times

Would we listen

Just to make sure it worked

That we didn’t miss this call

Stare at it all day,

But it would ring, when it did.

And when it did, we got the news

That my little brother

Had passed away


Written for:



a mothers prayer

watch him sleep
this man-child
beautiful long lashes
lay softly
on unblemished cheek
sweet pouting mouth
giggles with laughter
cries with fear
mommy, i love you
still suckles sometimes
while he dreams
time stops
while i watch
and ever so gently i
stroke his perfect brow
my heart aches to know
am i his blessing
as he is mine
and i know
every mothers prayer
is to hold on to this moment