for Cat

a piece of her here
a piece of her there
love oh love she does
both one and the other
blinded by grace
to hurt no one
how long will her heart
be torn thus
one way
and the other
when will she find joy
in greaving one
and loving the other

Happy Birthday Cat!



i read the words
every day
each day
a new wound opens
a new cut bleeds
and i watch
as it wells to the surface
wondering if
today is the day
i learn to hate
than I learned to love


a deep drawer
full of this and that
a little wooden box there
at the bottom
even older
than the old cigar box
it hides under
faded yellow ribbon
holds the lid
now slightly askew
tiny brass hinges
held loosely
by tiny brass brads
outline of a latch
long gone
bulging a bit
with yellowed pages
that look
to a curious eye
like letters of love
written long ago
tell me
what secrets do they hold
so dear?


standing under leaden clouds
you pour over me
leaving gentle traces
across my skin
like a lover you enfold
filling the void
of dust and drought
tears of joy
mix with your essence
and stream down my face
soaked and sodden
naked and alive
trees surroundingĀ 
an open glade
bringing fresh the odors
of earth and green
i stand alone
accepting your grace
submitting my offering
of sensual flesh
as the gods pour forth
in rain

she roared

she roared through life

not an angry lions roar

but the roar of a cheering crowd

in an open space

her smile was instant

and infectious

her reflection vague

never seeing the inside

her touch always fleeting

her kiss gentle

yet demanding more

loved and longed for

now but a memory

forsaking all others

now she is free