you don’t need
that old bible
or the new one either
no chanting or weeping
no pulpit star
no flickering flame
or burning bush
no acid
or LSD
you don’t need the river
or the stars
no scented ritual
no flagellation
you simply need
deep in your heart
if you want to hear
God speak
written for CatVibe Creative Contest Prompt


what love is

every single day you are there
keeping me dry in the rain
safe from the storm
you hold me when i hurt
filling every need
before i know i have one
every minute of every day
you wrap your warmth
around my need
and my want
blowing the curve
for everyone else
who thinks they know
what love is

I was sure I could not write a poem about Blowing the Curve from One Single Impression, but as usually happens, this one wrote itself….