echo’s of your screams

is there no one to tell

no one to talk to

about your darkest fears

did you reach out

only to be shut down

could you not fit back

into the mold

they poured you from

making them afraid

like you were afraid

making them hurt

like you hurt

why was this

the only option

did you cry out

to the silence

did the echo’s of your screams

follow you down the halls

why was this

the only way

i just can’t understand




look at her hat

it seems to be

throwing itself

all over the lane

my hat

on the  other hand

is behaving nicely

thank you

perched just so

nice and neat and trim

just a little wear at the banding

but neatly mended

thank you again

it is of a hue

of black or blue

can’t tell anymore

without strong light

my hat speaks primly

of please and thank you’s

my hat shouts

well, nothing

a strong gust

will not dislodge it

but if you could

peep under that

well secured

neatly groomed

tight and tidy


you might find

a bit of sequin

a lick of flame

maybe even

a touch of porn

but of course

no one

would ever


Julie at The Buffaloe Pen has written a wonderful whimsical piece about her hat. Her work has inspired me to write a little something about my own.  Thank you Julie, that was just plain fun!


Haunted dance floor
Eyes closed
Bend and sway
Feel you there
As cool spills over
My shoulder
Feel you here
As warmth
Brushes my thigh
Holding me up
Catch me
As I fall
I fall
Music fades
Lying helpless
You fade
Grande jete
An empty
Haunted dance floor

to the dawn

feeling your heart beat
just you and i
and nothing else
it was easy
to convince myself
you felt me
to convince myself
you didn’t
didn’t matter then
doesn’t matter now
so i tell myself
i saw what was there
in your eyes
my own reflection
laughing back
fooled again
by something
more Savvy
than myself
once again
racing my soul
to the dawn


high and low
through cobbled streets
and secreted shops
filled with this
and that
and the other
seeking desperately
until it was found
the perfect gift
the perfect color
style and size
of what was shared
the symbolism right
the gift that
offered acknowledgment
of talent and
of that talent
imagine my surprise
finding it there
among the well worn
bits and pieces
of used up lives
offered up
to the highest bidder
one dollar you say?
in hindsight
as worthless now
as it ever was



keep fighting

I know you’re tired

I know it’s hard

I know it hurts

but please


keep fighting

we stand here helpless

hands in pockets

scuffing our feet


waiting to hear

you’re ok

useless, we are

can’t offer comfort

nothing to do

but wait

check the phone





check it all again

pray again

please God

please, please, please, please, PLEASE!!!

make her better

make her well

heal her