Look at the sky

The eastern glow races
like delicate lace afire
across the brilliant morning sky.
Scorched earth of summer forgotten,
Crisp air ruffles just turning leaves
unwilling to lose
their tenuous hold
watercolor spreads
across the fading fire
Washing the canvas blue
Autumn meets its first day
……in style


Drink me in

Can you feel the night
The golden flames touch
Die with me here
For a while

I’ll touch you
And teach you to see
The silken sweat
That covers me

Your heart will pound
Your chest rise
And fall away
And fall you will

Night will fall and spin
And dance sweet love
Fiiled with wine
And lust and song

Dance my love
Around the flames
Touch her as she
Touches me and sing

Fiery daze
Desolation and haze
Sleep my love
And drink me in


A night of flames
Fire and smoke
Ash and coal
simmering low
Raging pyers
rising higher
Round and round
And so deep down
Cover my eyes
As the music comes
Fill my soul
Dance, dance
Sweet lord round
And round
The flames lick
Higher and higher