the news

We paced, waiting

Tension high, fear higher

The accident had burned her

Mom was hurt

So many miles away

We waited

Would she lose it?

Her arm?

Would we lose her?

When would we know?

How many times

Would we listen

Just to make sure it worked

That we didn’t miss this call

Stare at it all day,

But it would ring, when it did.

And when it did, we got the news

That my little brother

Had passed away


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upside down

She’d been walking upright

For quite some time.

Gravity worked for her

Kept her grounded, so to speak

No floating away for her

Head on straight, she faced each day

Wearing her completeness

Like a badge of honor

No silly tumbling, bumbling

No head over heels and

upside down would never do

One day she floated

Just around cloud nine

Wondering how while

Held upright

She had managed to fall

but love had its own

Universe of rules

And upside down

Was simply ok

After all


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Writer’s digest

Hollow with turning

Did you feel better
when you made me feel bad?
How much smarter,
when you point out my shortcomings?
Does your fist pump in victory,
when you see my single tear?
Why did hurting me
Become a habit for you?

I returned insults with understanding,
Mania with patience,
Made excuses for your pain

My cheeks are hollow with turning.
The blood on my hands, my own