look at her hat

it seems to be

throwing itself

all over the lane

my hat

on the  other hand

is behaving nicely

thank you

perched just so

nice and neat and trim

just a little wear at the banding

but neatly mended

thank you again

it is of a hue

of black or blue

can’t tell anymore

without strong light

my hat speaks primly

of please and thank you’s

my hat shouts

well, nothing

a strong gust

will not dislodge it

but if you could

peep under that

well secured

neatly groomed

tight and tidy


you might find

a bit of sequin

a lick of flame

maybe even

a touch of porn

but of course

no one

would ever


Julie at The Buffaloe Pen has written a wonderful whimsical piece about her hat. Her work has inspired me to write a little something about my own.  Thank you Julie, that was just plain fun!