I remember the snow
In the middle of summer
The cold that came with
2:00 a.m.
Walking the old bridge
Warm jacket
The clean smell
The haze in the streetlight
The night was mine
The city mine
As i walk through the night
Through the snow



a tree stands

forlorn in a field

surrounded by nothing

covered and damp

with mist

you and I

missed again

the breadth of our loss

meant nothing

and the tree

is just a tree

in the mist


it is times like these

when sacred voices cry

wind in trees

and Gaelic haunts

when to feel the breeze

inside the still box

shadows crossing

closed eyes

to once again

taste her lips

on mine

and feel again

the pain

of remembering

echo’s of your screams

is there no one to tell

no one to talk to

about your darkest fears

did you reach out

only to be shut down

could you not fit back

into the mold

they poured you from

making them afraid

like you were afraid

making them hurt

like you hurt

why was this

the only option

did you cry out

to the silence

did the echo’s of your screams

follow you down the halls

why was this

the only way

i just can’t understand



Haunted dance floor
Eyes closed
Bend and sway
Feel you there
As cool spills over
My shoulder
Feel you here
As warmth
Brushes my thigh
Holding me up
Catch me
As I fall
I fall
Music fades
Lying helpless
You fade
Grande jete
An empty
Haunted dance floor


high and low
through cobbled streets
and secreted shops
filled with this
and that
and the other
seeking desperately
until it was found
the perfect gift
the perfect color
style and size
of what was shared
the symbolism right
the gift that
offered acknowledgment
of talent and
of that talent
imagine my surprise
finding it there
among the well worn
bits and pieces
of used up lives
offered up
to the highest bidder
one dollar you say?
in hindsight
as worthless now
as it ever was