it is times like these

when sacred voices cry

wind in trees

and Gaelic haunts

when to feel the breeze

inside the still box

shadows crossing

closed eyes

to once again

taste her lips

on mine

and feel again

the pain

of remembering


3 thoughts on “Elegy

  1. Hi, Jorc! It’s so good to see you again. This is a beautiful, sad and powerful poem. The sounds in the lines are fantastic. I hope it is not sadness for someone in your own life. I know poems aren’t always about the poet, but I still worry 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this lovely piece.

  2. Julie, i think we all live with the jagged pieces of broken hearts. A child breaks a mother’s heart, a lover, a friend. After a time we start to heal. Most of the time all is fine, but sometimes memories stir the heart, and when they do, those jagged pieces are sharp and they hurt. So yes, the sadness is mine, but I know I am not alone, so please, don’t worry!
    Thank you always for reading and caring!

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