sunny days

some days they creak
like the old oak brushing her tin roof
old bones rattle they say
in fear of the reaper grim
but her bones wer’nt ready yet
for a dusty pine box
mayhap she might be old
but certianly not for the glory
but the glory was a comin’
and she got ready every day
not much to her now
her ebony skin as thin as parchamant
more wrinkles than not
thin and frail, joints swollen
in a white flanel gown
she spat a chuckle as she thought
about how much that old mirror
used to like her beauty
The Almighty didn’t cotton much
to pride and pretty faces
when He left you here to do His work
he stripped you down
an empty vessel for Him to fill
so she waited and she prayed
and she rocked and read of His glory
and all she asked
was a good BM
and glorious sunny days
written for one single impression ` sunny days


5 thoughts on “sunny days

  1. Thank you Tumblewords…
    lissa…when your old enough to have seen it all, your wants and need become very basic. I’m sorry if you felt this offensive. I felt this woman was not one to beat around the bush about things..was it really inapropriate do you think?

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