a shrug and a smile

as she spoke of mundane things
her eyes sparkled
and i watched them dance
bright, bright points of light
hypnotizing, mezmerizing
dancing in the pale gloaming
as though sunrise were upon us
instead of a dying day
dragging away my own eyes
sparing myself maybe
of falling in love again
i fell again
to her lips
each word spoken
a whisper in my ear
what she said
as i watched them move
is still unclear yet
even as they parted to breathe
i felt them on my skin
my own mouth hanging slack
as i watched her speak
tasting each word

fruit forbidden
i was lost
so incredibly lost
when finally i returned from
where i had gone

‘what are you thinking’ she said
i could only offer a shrug and a smile
answering, ‘wondering what to do next’


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