any label

there is a longing
that cannot
be escaped, or denied
hide it, while you can
because when it
overwhelms you
like a cool breeze
on a hot day
but welcome
you will need
a quiet place
to somehow deal
with it all
in your heart
until with a deep breath
and a heavy sigh
and maybe a tear
maybe two
you package it
into its box of illusion
and label it
any label
that helps you get through

2 thoughts on “any label

  1. i carry around so many boxes with no labels on them.. and sometimes they come crashing down on me all at once,, and it is then that i am thankful to have the solace of my time alone to open them slowly and go thru them one by one….

  2. Very nicely put but most times we wonder what to call it?

    All the adjectives in the world seem scarce to describe a feeling that is just a moment.

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