under cover

scratching and pulling
at roots
loath to let go
the soil
dull soil
not so much rich 
as old
not everything is fine
like wine
some things stink with age
and these weeds
these tenacious creepers
i pulled them all
and threw them out
the garden gate
barred and locked
but back they grow
where are the flowers?
the innocent flowers
not much good
thrives in this garden
cept the young oak sapling
there in the center
it’s smooth bark comforting
it grows strong
with deep roots
and i more than you
tend to it daily with love
with patience and care
everything else i plant
thrives a bit, then withers
did i plant it too shallow
or maybe to late
and you
you plant nothing at all
yet was it you i saw creeping
through the darkness last eve
were you planting seeds by moonlight
to entice me my love
or spreading poison
under cover
of night

3 thoughts on “under cover

  1. Cat..a little dark huh….and…sneaky

    Jodi… i’ve wondered that too, but for good or bad, the oak must be protected. The weeds, though they seemingly have no purpose, at the very least, help protect the roots…

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