someone else’s treasure

never stolen
a treasure unprotected
a preference rather
to destroy it
dragging it out 
spilling the jewels
into the streets
proclaiming to all 
the pieces nothing
but colored glass
the whole not treasure
but trash
those who once held 
the gems so dear
saw them dropped
and dropped them too
on the dirty path
not worth the space
in empty pockets
to be ground
ruthlessly down under
worn and faded boots
‘cept one lone child
innocent to think
that even colored glass
could be treasured
tiny gentle hands
wiped away
the stain of betrayal
blue topaz sparkled
wrapped in a dirty rag
tucked forgotten in a corner
of a faded old box
someone else’s treasure
once again

5 thoughts on “someone else’s treasure

  1. Children have an eye for wonder and magic that wears dull as we age. To find that wonder again would be such a treasure…

    I wonder if it was Elton or Bernie that we truly loved. Poetry you know?

  2. Rachel, yes, every kind of treasure.

    Thank you Aniket

    Jodi, your right…thank God for children.

    We love the characters, not the actors that plays them, and just like that, I think, it took bernie and elton to build something else, something that together made something else, something that could not exist, one without the other, and I think that is who we loved!

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