a quick fib for the afternoon….jorc





these three things

haunt me no more now

the secret key lies in the home


8 thoughts on “home

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  2. UF..yes, I know what you mean. Thanks!

    Thanks Aniket..

    Jodi, I refuse to be haunted…till i am..i was in such a peaceful place when i wrote that yesterday, and today…today i just want to run, as long and as far as my body will carry me…sigh


  3. This poem has a dark ironic humor in it. If it wasn’t depressing I would laugh, but instead I can only smirk since it is apparently a fib. Almost Dorothy Parker-esque since you added that note.

  4. cat, “Dorothy Parker-esque”…ha! I like that!!!

    Puna, thanks. Your right…Like the other Dorothy said, “there is no place like home”..just for me, well, it ain’t kansas.

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