into the night

shadows fall
night resumes,
her timeless trek
sleep fights and wins
and the mare of night
steps softly silver
hooves on black glass
casting shadow on shadow
into the night

9 thoughts on “into the night

  1. Rachel, me too! sleep wins without a fight and she who brings the bad dreams only tiptoed through… 😉

    Julie, thank you!! I was trying to find a way to portray her presence, but that she was no threat that night….


  2. I just love reading your poetry. Sleep is difficult for me , as I suffer from insomnia. I enjoy reading about the night and being able to find sleep. I am happy to hear your bad dreams only tiptoed through. Mine often stomp or plod.

    • Thank you Puna! I think I’m plagued at times by too much sleep, or at least, the desire for it. It is a welcome escape! Yes, my bad dreams very often resound with the thunder of many hooves…or engines

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