aching prose

what happened while
we weren’t looking
where did all the time go
all the flowers
have grown and died
and are growing
once again
and the seasons
changed to another year
and the earth didn’t notice
she didn’t mind at all
but i mind
i mind so much
cause somewhere
in the passing tide
and the aging moon
in the long cold nights
of aching prose 
we built a wall
with silent words
lyrics only whispered
over an ocean of tears
while waiting reticent
i lost you

5 thoughts on “aching prose

  1. Jorc – I love this! These lines strike me:

    “and the earth didn’t notice” and…
    “i mind
    i mind so much”

    Catherine said she feels the ache. I think that is a great description of the mood of this poem.

    Really, really nice.

  2. Cat…thank you, if you feel it, then i guess i did it right.

    Karen…thanks a lot! this is one that i just let pour out. No thinking it through, no proof reading, just emotion.

    hugs to you both…

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