Frozen by Zmarzlena
as the moon sets
the angel slips her vulgar straddle
into the breach that is hell
where once was fire
now is ice
she clings
fingers torn and bleeding
to the frozen wall of rock
built to repel her
frosted armor
shows no cracks
colors fade to gray and black
the music of her mind
obscured by the howling
of frozen breath
the crystalline shimmer of
her frozen blood
surrounds her
will you take her gently
healing her
with the warmth of love
will you leave her
forlorn and forsaken
a timeless testament
to betrayal
will you pry her
bloody fingers from the rock
drop her into the abyss
and call it done
I did not know when I wrote angel, that her story would continue.
I did not see the black and torturous ice forming around her.

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