Standing in the Shadows, by Rick Mobbs
Standing in the Shadows, by Rick Mobbs
This week’s prompt at ReadWritePoem is to use an image by Rick Mobbs and write a poem inspired by it.
I chose Standing in the Shadows, by Rick Mobbs
Also, at Pen me a Poem, This week’s Poetry Prompt subject is “Birth”.With both assignments buzzing in my head, I submit the following:  

while we stood in awe
in the shadows of their wings
they graced this world
born with one heart
born of the heavens themselves
innocence shining bright
moonlight spun in waves about them
starlight caught in their hair
twin souls of purity
we turned away
even as our hearts cried with joy
for we were blessed with this moment
of their birth
and nothing more
we were the witness, not the miracle
with them, we could not fly

11 thoughts on “Witness

  1. What a great take on the painting, from the shadowed observers point of view. You let me see the painting in a whole new way – thanks!

  2. It’s an amazing thing to be a witness like this. Looking at the painting in itself is like being a witness to the skill of the artist and now reading your poem I too am a witness to your creative writing. Phew, if you really can’t fly you’re very close.

  3. The painting is very beautiful and your poem is a marvellous accompaniment. I would dearly love to meet these angels going by your words. 🙂 Great writing!

    Thank you for participating in my poetry prompt.

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  5. the painting and poem are perfect match, great descriptions, it does make me think of angels or saints, “twin souls of purity” – a wonderful line which I would have title this piece

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